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Adroita provide comprehensive health assessment for behavioral health illnesses, alcohol dependence and tobacco dependence. Our mental health assessments and treatment plan are coordinated by Dr Pandian and therapist. Together, we’ll build a personalized treatment plan to meet your needs


Adult Mental Health

It starts with a choice to take control of your life. Today is the first step to a fulfilling, happy, and vibrant life that puts you in charge. From minor depression to major mental disorders, we are dedicated to giving you back the life you deserve.

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Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a recognized medical condition that requires specialized treatment intervention. Most people with drug addiction also struggle with mental health issues. We are trained in this area of dual-diagnosis specialized care.

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Consultation for Genetic Testing in Psychiatry

Personalized medicine is geared towards customization of healthcare needs for an individual patient. One area where we are already seeing change is choosing medications based on your genetic make-up and experts call this area of science as Pharmacogenomics. Through Pharmacogenomics, experts can identify clues to how you will respond to a medication even before you try it by just analyzing your DNA.

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Women’s Mental Health

From your first menstrual cycle to menopause, the hormonal changes that take place during the reproductive years can trigger symptoms which can be disruptive to a happy and productive lifestyle. If you feel severe mood swings, psychiatric conditions, postpartum feelings of depression, anxiety, or emotional difficulties, we are here to help.

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